“…Semeron’s Breathing Semeron is fine and entertaining album modern melodic hard rock and metal with roots properly secured in the classic foundations. Easily recommended.”

May 11, 2013, Craig Hartranft – Dangerdog Music Reviews

“…Semeron blurs the distinctions in such a easy way, showing genuine talent and creativity, for entertaining results.”

“Perhaps, we should take a cue from their answer to their ‘influences’ on the About section of their Facebook page, which is ‘anything with a guitar in it.’ While it might not be proper to call this a guitar-centered album, like it’s being led or propelled by a guitar god like Malmsteen, but the guitar work is essential and strong. It’s unclear who does the lead work, whether Nick Ford or J.R. Westberg, but the former did study at the Berklee College of Music. Basically there’s some strong chord structure and stinging guitar solos, and who doesn’t love that. (Well, there are some that don’t, but they’re morons.) Semeron’s Breathing Semeron is fine and entertaining album modern melodic hard rock and metal with roots properly secured in the classic foundations. Easily recommended.”

“…[Breathing Scarlet] is something that is simply not heard enough”

May 1, 2013, Rock Review Phil

“They have an alternative influence to their sound that is accessible to the slow but heavy Deftones fans out there, but there’s enough classic metal influence that shows the band wearing such artists as Iron Maiden on their sleeves.”

“The end result of the album is something that is simply not heard enough. The album bleeds of its influences from an obvious variation of different rock sounds. It stands out in comparison to its metal counterparts also making modern music. They have a refreshing sound that involves no screaming, which lately has just become old and used anyway, unless you know the right way to use it. The usage of two guitars on this album is something that more bands should take note of: one guitar playing a hell of a good rhythm riff in the background, as opposed to simply strumming one, or at best two chords over and over, and one guitar playing lead over top of it. This is of course when both guitars are not playing lead. Semeron as a band have all the potential in the world to be a great name in metal, and the proof is here in Breathing Scarlet.”


“Breathing Scarlet” brings Semeron back to life

April 30, 2013, On the Rechord

“The album raises the bar vocally and challenged the musicians to write deeper, more colorful lyrics, as evident in the album’s title. The 10-song release is a testimony to just how talented this band is…”

“The layers on [Our Sky] are many and each adds significance to the tune which plays out like an epic novel…Seven minutes of pure musicianship pass all too quickly as electric vocals and a running drum beat take the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions and ends with an unbelievable guitar solo that is becoming common place for the music of Semeron. The perfect album ending, “Our Sky” incorporates various speeds of play and doesn’t skimp on a good story line.”


Now Playing, “Breathing Scarlet” by Semeron

March 30, 2013, Feedback by Jay

“Armed with technical prowess and anthemic songs that moderm mainstream rock fans can get into, Minneapolis, Minnesota based five piece rock band Semeron is ready to unleash themselves onto the world.”


They’re Back: Semeron Emerges After 9 Months in Studio

September 14, 2012, On the Rechord

” “We designed and recorded these songs in a way where the listener will hopefully hear something different each time – whether it’s a new guitar lick, a background vocal, a production effect, or even a cello,” Westberg said.

The enhanced quality of their music recently landed them on St. Cloud’s Rockin’ 101 radio station, an experience new and exciting for the band.”


Hanson, ‘Semeron’ Singer & Humble Humanitarian

(great piece on Adam, our lead singer)
November 24, 2011, CBS Minnesota

“Most rock starts you see on stage probably don’t work closely with organizations feeding starving children. Most rock stars aren’t published writers in humanitarian magazines. And, most rock stars probably won’t literally give you the shoes off their feet. In the case of Adam Hanson, dedicated humanitarian by day and rock and roller by night, all those attributes belong to him.”


Semeron: The Untold Story

January 19, 2011, On the Rechord

“Hitting the stage with powerful lyrics, a talented rhythm section, and a stage presence all their own, Semeron could be one of Minneapolis’s best-kept secrets.”